Cristofori’s Dream, Composed by David Lanz, arr. B.Podesta

Cristofori’s Dream, Composed by David Lanz (1988) arranged by B.Podesta

New Age artist David Lanz released his album Cristofori’s Dream in 1988, and the concept for his album-titled piece is provided from his blog:

Cristofori’s Dream

As the music begins we find our selves in little Italian village. It is the
1700’s. The sun is going down and the stars are coming out.  Looking through
a leaded glass window we see Cristofori hard at work in his harpsichord
shop. (picture Walt Disney’s Geppeto)

It has been a rather long and frustrating day for Cristofori as he has been
putting in long hours and hoping for a breakthrough on his new invention
(which will eventually transform the harpsichord into his imagined piano

With the days work done, Cristofori puts his tools aside, lays his head down
on his workbench, and falls to sleep.

As Cristofori sleeps, he begins to dream. And as the music continues, two
beautiful dream goddesses appear. Through their impressionistic dance and a
dream sequence,  Cristofori is shown the evolution his invention will go
through in the next several hundred years. He is also given a sense of the
tremendous impact the piano will have on the world of music.

Eventually Cristofori finds himself standing in a balcony overlooking a
beautiful concert hall. Center stage is a 9′ concert grand piano and a full
symphony orchestra which are now playing together as the piece is reaching
it’s musical peak.

As  the peak is reached, everything begins to slowly spin and spiral
downwards. Cristofori awakes very inspired by his dream and even though it
is still the middle of the night, he relights his candle, reaches for his
tools, and goes back to work.

Now the music slowly begins to wind down much like a child’s music
box…..and as the very last chord of the song sounds…Cristofori’s
harpsichord… changes magically into a piano…..Cristofori’s Dream.

My Interpretation of Cristofori’s Dream

During the year 2020, our country is faced with an enormous loss of loved ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coupled with ongoing gun violence, the opioid epidemic, deep derisions between family and friends, and loss of business and income, we’re facing major challenges as we enter the decade of the ‘twenty-twenties’. To me, Cristofori’s Dream reflects this deep sense of loss, and the difficult times we’ve endured. But it also provides a layer of positive foresight and hopefulness that our better days are truly ahead.

-Brian J. Podesta, November 2020.

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