Cristofori’s Dream, Composed by David Lanz, arr. B.Podesta

New Age artist David Lanz released his album Cristofori’s Dream in 1988, and the concept for his album-titled piece is provided from his blog: Cristofori’s Dream As the music begins we find our selves in little Italian village. It is the1700’s. The sun is going down and the stars are coming out.  Looking throughaContinue reading “Cristofori’s Dream, Composed by David Lanz, arr. B.Podesta”

Venetian Gondola – Felix Mendelssohn arr. B. Podesta

“Italy at last! And every possible delight I imagined, has now started and I enjoy it very much,” composer Felix Mendelssohn wrote to his family from Venice, Italy on October 11, 1830. 1 This piece begins with a left-hand motive, evoking the sounds of soft and steady water movements. It is in a triple meterContinue reading “Venetian Gondola – Felix Mendelssohn arr. B. Podesta”