For Their Blood Burns Wild by Silas Barrow

Eugenics – is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population, historically by excluding people and groups judged to be inferior and promoting those judged to be superior.

In Silas Barrow’s ‘For Their Blood Burns Wild’, this fictional account of the use of eugenics is the premise of an altered-reality society in the United States. Those families who are not of a certain class, or have physical/emotional issues, are driven to the underground and forced to live as sub-humans, like rats. With a nod to mirroring today’s society, it’s a battle between the haves and the have nots; rich against poor, healthy versus the un-well. The rich and powerful demonize the have nots; they are forced from society to live underground, and marked as illegitimate.

Dystopia – is defined are characterized as dehumanizing, tyrannical governments, and disaster of the environment. The struggle to find good food, clean water, and avoiding harsh punishment by those who live above ground, are all central to Barrow’s book.
“Being Pretty”, a dystopian animated short film. Created by David James Armsby

This descriptive tale kept me glued throughout each chapter. Silas Barrow’s ‘For Their Blood Burns Wild’ is storytelling at it’s finest.


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