Audio Bring It On Home

June 2016: The Gypsy Cowboys live at the Socks for Siberia Benefit, Fiskdale Ma.

On a rainy Saturday in June 2016, the Hyland Orchard in Fiskdale MA hosted the annual Socks for Siberia Benefit. A series of bands performed under the pavilion for the day-long event, which was a good thing since heavy rain came throughout the day.

In this audio clip, The Gypsy Cowboys performed Sam Cooke’s Bring It On Home. Keith M. (lead vocals, bass), Gil N. (III) (guitar, vocals), Charlene N. (vocals), Gil N, (IV) (vocals, guitar), Dan L. (vocals, guitar), Jeff P. (guitar), Bob W. (percussion), Brian Podesta (keyboard). What a fun day!

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By Brian J. Podesta

Administrator and writer for WritingReal, a place for stories about people and places. Included are my musical projects and my book reviews.

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